Web Design & Development

We can help successfully launch your business online if you are a start-up company, or enhance and improve your online marketing if you are already established online. Most business websites are seriously out of date after 3-4 years, as the web technology and design trends move so quickly.

Businesses today need to gain a lot from their website and social media – it’s a customer relationship tool which can create a great sense of trust and confidence in your products and business. Your website must be a showroom, a respresentitive of your brand and company ‘look and feel’, as well as a store or sales team.

That’s why we decided long ago that making websites should go hand-in-hand with the highest quality, state-of-the-art techonology and brilliant design. In this day an age your website is very often the first contact a customer or client has with your business, so it has to convey the right sense of professionalism. Amateur and those cheap ‘website builder’ sites reflect on your badly company image, and may cost you twice as much down the line to put right when problems occur.

If you dont have a good website in 2012 your business is missing out on tens of million internet users in the UK alone.

Simple, static brochure website or content-managed system?

A static or ‘brochure’ website is one that cannot be significantly updated yourself unless you know a good level of HTML and have access to FTP software such as Dreamweaver. It does not run from a complex database as content management systems does, and thus it is simple, robust and inexpensive, depending on the design.

Content Management Systems

Most clients required the power and flexibility of a CMS (Content Management System) website – that’s a ‘dynamic’ website that draws it’s layout and content from a database using a server-side code system, enabling the end user to easily and quickly edit the website content, or add new pages, etc. Members of staff can be rapidly trained in how to use the admin side of the CMS site so the website can be kept current, up to date and content rich.

CMS website are inherently more complex than basic static or brochure sites, so as such are rather more expensive. They take to longer to set up and integrate, how will save your business time and money in the future, by not having to hire an expenisve web developer everytime you need to change something on your website. This make a CMS website a sensible and sound investment in your business, and with a hand-built  website you can be assured of a quality piece of technology.

A full, in-house technology service

Neovu offers a full web design, development and marketing service, including;

  • Responsive, state-of-the-art site design and development
  • CMS (Content Management System) primarily WordPress – why WordPress?
  • SSL secure E-commerce sites and other web trading such as digital downloads, with Paypal, Worldpay and common payment gateway integration
  • In-house copy-writing and unique, high-quality media content authoring
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation services and training
  • Social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) integration, design and training
  • Reliable and affordable UK-based web hosting and email services with unlimited bandwidth and cloud servers

Technology and code;

  • We use the latest hardware and development tech, including;
  • Reliable and proven LAMP server architecture
  • Web development in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, AJAX, jQuery, MySQL, etc.
  • Mobile application development in iOS, Android and Windows Mobile
  • Responsive, adaptive website layout and design methodolgy to ensure websites are cross-device compatable

We can cover the central South Coast of the UK including Hampshire and Dorset and up into Surrey, Wiltshire and London. We are also happy to work and do work with clients anywhere in the world on larger projects regularly.

Existing website upgrades

Is your website in need of a more modern, up to date look and modern touches such as Facebook and Twitter interaction, or a cross-device, responsive theme? Most business’s websites will need updating every 3 or more years to keep up to date with the rapidly changing web. Is your site as good as the competiton?

Many of your clients and customers will now be viewing your website on ipads, tablet PCs, phones and other devices – does your look good or work well on these devices?

All our sites feature state-of-the-art ‘responsive’ layout design, a special coding and layout technique which means your site will be optimised to look great on anything from a widescreen intenet TV, down to the latest hi-res iPhone.