Search Engine Optimisation & Social Media

With Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) becoming increasingly complex and specialised, we can offer a full SEO and social media integration service on a one-off, monthly or periodical basis. We can help boost your existing site in the Google rankings, increase your website visitors though social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, or create Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns to launch a big promotion or brand new startup website.

As a company we run many of our own advertising supported websites, so have a range of practical experience of what works in SEO and what does not. Unlike so many SEO specialists out there who only have theoretical knowledge of the subject and are not themselves website developers, we can offer a grounded and highly practical insight into ‘real world’ SEO and social media stratergy that is relevant to your business and industry today.

SEO and social media services in Hampshire

Free SEO help and advice

You can find lots of free, basic advice for SEO and social media in our Help and Advice articles, and also on our more in-depth information site Web Help for Business.

However if you need more insight and one-on-one guidance with practical help – or require assistance on a specific website – we offer the following professional SEO and social media services.

New website SEO package

When launching a new website you are at a great disadvantage compared to established websites for around the first six months to a year of going live – this is especially evident with a new domain name. If you have a new startup or company venture that requires a brand new site, we can offer help, advice and practical techniques that will help boost your site as quickly as possible in the search engines, and help get visitors to your site from day one.

Prices for this package start from £495. To find out more call us on 02081 446264 or drop us an email.

Existing website healthcheck and advice package

Many of our clients have told us how their once popular website has been dropping in the Google searches over the past year or two, and we can certainly help fix the problems that cause such a drop in rankings, and make practical changes to your site and SEO stratergy to allow your site to climb back up the search engines again.

We will expertly analyse your website source code for possible problems, examine the content, meta data, keywords and copywriting, site structure, domain names, images, links and statistics, and make sure your social media programme is working effectively for you. We will give a one-to-one expert SEO advice session, a full report of website problems and fixes, and a practical set of changes and actions that need will help bost your site once again. In many cases we can fix minor problems there and then, without any additional cost.

Prices for this package start from £695. To find out more call us on 02081 446264 or drop us an email.

Existing website healthcheck, advice and rankings booster package

With our top of the range SEO package, we offer both the website healthcheck and advice package, and also a practical SEO and social media booster programme that will month-on-month undertake the steps necessary to push your site up the search engine rankings, boost your Google pagerank score, and get more visitors to your site. Each package is individually crafted to your specific business niche and industry, and involves a set amount of time each month activily working on your site’s code, link building, social media strategy, content writing and all the other tasks required to create a popular and authoritative website.

There is a minimum of 6 months required in order to make these techniques effective, and we offer this service in a one-off block from £1200, or on a rolling monthly basis from just £200 per month. To find out more call us on 02081 446264 or drop us an email.